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Simply put, Charlie Viracola wants to change the world.  This unusual comedian/actor has launched his own planet, “Planet Charlie”. A place he describes as the perfect world-void of ignorance. Planet Charlie is currently streaking it’s way across the country, as well as abroad in comedy clubs and theatres. Through insightful, humorous observational comedy Charlie is signing up multitudes of fans everywhere, or as he puts it “new citizens of Planet Charlie”.

His high energy, off-beat, change the world comedy act has been seen many times on Showtime, A&E, NBC, HBO, MTV, Comedy Central and internationally on the BBC, when he plays to sell out crowds in London. He was raised performing in the theatre and later his acting skills led him to a principle role in the feature film, “UnderCover” along with many other live theatre performances.

Viracola’s writing credits include his hit book “SMUTLETS”-- A risqué parody of Rich Halls best seller, “SNIGLETS”.  He has also written for many major comedians, including the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and for the 1994 "Comedian of the year", Carrot Top. He has two feature films in the works, as well as having written for "The Cartoon Network", FX, and several National Television Commercials. His new book of poetry “Imagine This” will be released soon along with his new world changing guide “The Planet Charlie Handbook”.

Charlie’s Comedy Central 1/2 hour comedy special “Life on Planet Charlie” put this misfit on the map, and has been met with rave reviews across the country. It is the dramatic follow up to his first 1/2 hour comedy special still currently running on Showtime. Fans can get a glimpse of his brave new world by visiting his award winning web site, www.planetcharlie.com. Or by checking out his highly downloaded internet show “Planet Charlie vs. Earth” on the itunes music store and youtube.com.

Viracola is working on development for his own television show and currently resides next to the ocean in southern California where he continues to create positive change.

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